Known for her chameleonic musicianship and fearless performance of new and experimental works, Kelsey Cotton is a vocalist from Australia currently based in Göteborg, Sweden.

After wandering off the path of classical voice, Kelsey found her home in the world of experimental, avant-garde and contemporary music. She has a special place in her heart for timbral techniques, graphic scores and performative works.

Kelsey is fascinated with the mind-body integration of singing, which has seen her recent work delve deeper into designing artefacts which harness the physiological movements of phonation. She is passionate about somatic interaction, and the potential for intersomatic vocal experiences.

Kelsey has sung in festivals and venues such as Sounds of Stockholm (SE), LABO SAS (FR), WeW! Contemporary Music Festival (FI), Kulturnatt (SE) and AaSaA (NZ). She is a sought-after interpreter of new music, premiering vocal and chamber works across Europe. She is a proud alumna of the Masters of Contemporary Performance and Composition program.

As a researcher, Kelsey is fascinated with pushing the limits of musical bodies, with her recent work delving deeper into designing artifacts which harness, augment and fuse different physiologies. She is passionate about somatic interaction, the potential for intersomatic experiences between fleshy and synthetic bodies, and first-person feminist perspectives of musical AI.

Kelsey is currently undertaking PhD studies in Interactive Music and AI at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.